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Know more about depression and its causes

Posted on August 28 2013

Know more about depression and its causes

Know more about depression and its causes

Depression is a disease that can make an individual feel very oppressed, powerless and hopeless. However it is the most common mental disease that affects almost every adult. However it is associated with the mood of a person. Moreover a depressed person can not only be identified through negative moods, thoughts and behaviours but also through change in body functions like sleeping, and eating habits. Well, there are several tests that can be carried out for depression. Moreover you can carry out a depression test on your own as a quick evaluation of your mood. With the help of this test you can know if you show any major signs for depression.

Cause of depression

After being diagnosed as depression, it is obvious that a question arises in every individual’s mind, Why Am I depressed? However the real reason for depression is still unknown and the cause differs from one person to another. Well, there are certain reasons that can result in depression.

Life changes

At certain point of time, suddenly everything changes in your life for example, starting a new job, moving from home & living with friends or shifting to a new city.

Emotions out of control

In your life, some events occur that can make you feel out of control. For instance, you feel very inferior when your friends move on after completing their studies by getting new job & making new relationships. You just don’t have any idea what to do in your life. This type of thinking gradually leads to depression.


When you face any type of discrimination, you feel discarded. This usually occurs with people who are identified a transgender, bisexual, gay or with disabilities & people with ethnic minority and black backgrounds. Well, all people may not develop depression but this can trigger depression.

No Particular Reason

However, sometimes it is very difficult to identify any particular reason for depression. The above factors may not be responsible for your depression. You should remember that depression is a disease and like other disease sometimes it may not have any particular reason. But there are ways to fight depression and live a happy life.

How to fight depression?

A good nutrition is very important to fight depression. Depression can disturb one’s appetite. Hence, to fight depression, one should intake proper nutrients and calories to strengthen the body & mind. You should have a good amount of sleep every night. Finally, look towards the brighter side of your life. Have patience and believe in yourself, you can ease depression.

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